Is God Fazed?


I managed to stay up until nearly the very bitterest of ends last night; the night that my adopted country voted to become something I never imagined it could be. When I awoke this morning, my social media feed was awash with pain, tears, disbelief, shaken markets and a resigning Prime Minister.

In the midst of all of this, I read random tweets and posts about God’s take on the whole thing. Many of the Christian declarations were little more than platitudes. ‘It’s ok everybody, God is on his throne!’ ‘Don’t be scared, Jesus is today who he was yesterday’; even a claim from one leader that ‘God is not fazed’ by the whole ordeal. The implication of course is that we should not be fazed either.

I know that the reality of the Kingdom of God is that it will be present and grow under the direction of the King no matter what political declarations are made in our midst. God in his sovereignty cannot be undermined by our actions. But can we really separate out our faith from the rest of life like this? Do we really posit a God who is aloof to the things of humanity? Isn’t God concerned, involved, even at work, in the affairs of people? Doesn’t he care that people are confused and heartbroken? Do love and justice matter to him, regardless of whether we are ‘in’ or ‘out’?

This morning, regardless of how you voted, I want to say this to you. GOD IS FAZED. He is fazed when we neglect our responsibility for the vulnerable. He is fazed when we behave in ways that build up rather than tear down walls. He is fazed when we turn our own way and do our own thing because he loves us and longs for our well-being in relationship with him and each other. Surely Jesus’ own tears for the city of Jerusalem, and his journey to the Cross is evidence that he is fazed about our world, his world.

God’s will is for the flourishing of people, and the conditions under which we may live and share our faith are crucial to what it means to live as a part of his creation, as well as the church. This day, instead of insisting on God’s otherness, let’s remember he is close. He is with us. He will walk with us into the coming days. He is able help us to work out whatever needs to happen now with justice and wisdom. And he sends his church to be fazed, and to make a difference in the world, no matter what comes.


2 thoughts on “Is God Fazed?

  1. So good Anna – thanks for this response. In many ways I’m not sure why I’m surprised when it seems the world inches (or leaps) away from a sense/responsibility of care and concern for the other…among other things. It is the church’s time to step up in ways we’ve been reticent to in these last generations…to fill in the gaps or gaping holes that are occurring around us. It’s an opportunity I think – we need to jump in, however feeble the attempts. Thanks for posting this thoughtful piece today.

  2. Thank you! I am fed up with the platitudes and quietism – and I include myself in that; it’s the easiest way. But this really helps.

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