First plastic fail of lent

It all seemed to be going so well. I dared to think for a moment that it would be easy. After all, I’m almost always at work or home, and don’t tend to shop much or buy plastic very often anyway. I avoided the water bottles at the Simpson lectures.


I used a real fork at the pancake lunch. That was as trying as it got.

But then I was caught by surprise.

We ordered pizza tonight, and it came with a little plastic table to keep the pizza from hitting the lid. Well, David insisted he saves them as lego display stands, so I felt ok about that.


But I can’t eat pizza, and the sandwich I ordered usually comes wrapped in foil. It did. But I forget all about the dipping sauce! Yup. Plastic. Plastic tub and plastic lid.


For now we will keep them as little containers for salad dressings in our lunch. But I have decided now to keep all of the plastic that I fail to NOT use during lent in a box so I can keep track of what we hardly even noticed before.

I guess that’s how sin creeps up on you too, when you think it’s easy and let your guard down.

God, grant us grace to pay attention to the small things in our lives, that  the changes we make together might have Kingdom impact.

And it’s only day 2.

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